Cocktail Ales: Saturday, April 18

Our yearly magical mixology mash-up returns on Saturday, April 18, with a series of cocktail-inspired beers like Fernet-and-Coke — with a top-secret recipe of herbs and spices, you’ve never tasted a beer like this! — and the fan-favorite Big Lebowski White Prussian
Brewer and Master Cicerone Rich Higgins will come to Woods Bar & Brewery to brew his legendary ode to the Dude: an old-school, unfiltered, slightly sour German ale called a grätzer, featuring coffee roasted by our friends at Bicycle Coffee Roasters. As Rich says, “that coffee's interesting, man. It really ties the brew together.”

Fernet + Coke - The cult classic San Francisco cocktail: bitter Fernet, spicy-sweet Coke, two secret recipes, a dozen exotic herbs and spices, one unmissable taste.

White Prussian - The Dude's favorite, interpreted by friend and fellow brewer Rich Higgins: a slightly sour—nihilistic, even—German ale, creamy with a touch of milk sugar, bitter with a hint of dark roast coffee.

Greyhound - Zippy, zesty, sparkling tart; sweet and speedy, slyly sour. Fast but friendly, blink and it's gone. Time for another!.

Old Fashioned - Just the way we like it: a slug of malty rye, a dash of bitter Angostura, a twist of orange; snappy, spiced, and strong. Simple. Solid.

James Woods