SF Beer Week: January 22–31


Beer Week! It's our favorite time of year and we're celebrating with a packed calendar of events at all three Woods bars. Take a look at what's brewing below, and pick up a trail guide to the festivities—and a beer while you're at it—at your neighborhood Woods.

Download the WOODS BEER GUIDE TO SF BEER WEEK 2016 as a PDF 

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Download the PDF

Saturday Jan 23

Brew Day! 7-Day Brew

Woods Cervecería: 9:00am—2:00pm
Woods Bar & Brewery: Noon—4:00pm

Calling all brewers! Help us brew a special Beer Week ale. Taste and choose ingredients, lend a hand on one of our trusty brew systems, and send our collaboration off and fermenting with our favorite fast-acting house yeasts. Both Woods breweries will be joining the fun. Come back Saturday, Jan. 30 to taste your creation!

Smoothie Brews & Fruity Sours: Tropical Tap Takeover

Woods Cervecería: Noon–11:00pm
Woods Polk Station: Noon–Midnight
Woods Bar & Brewery: 

A tart, tingly taste of the tropics: three different house-made sours, each one its own fruit basket of flavor. Try them all and earn a special island-hopper badge of honor!

Sunday Jan 24

Shaman Series: Local Honeys

Woods Cervecería: Noon–10:00pm
Woods Bar & Brewery: Noon—8:00pm

Our brewing bees have traveled far and wide, gathering nectars from the most delicious herbs and flowers from around the country, and bringing them back to Woods to flavor a cleansing, medicinal flight of Local Honey beers to start your week in high spirits.

Après-Ski Beers

Woods Polk Station: 5:00–10:00pm

Frighten away the frigid Frisco winter at our cozy, mountain-top ski lodge, Polk Station. Sport your chic-est ski wear, sip warming winter brews—Mahogany Quad, Cocoa Caliente, O Tannenbier— and send retro ski-resort cards to pals down below.

Monday Jan 25

Honey vs. Hops: Beer & Mead

Woods Cervecería: 5:00–10:00pm

Explore the ancient, magical elixir of fermented honey! Taste extra special meads from
SF Mead Co. and Heidrun Meadery, paired with our very own beers. 

Beer Cocktails

Woods Polk Station: 6:00–11:00pm

Explore a brave world of classy craft cocktails featuring great Woods beers. Roam beyond shandies and sangritas to flips, highballs, cobblers, and more.

Homebrewer Appreciation Day

Woods Bar & Brewery: 4:00–10:00pm

Calling all homebrewers! Take our beer and make it yours. Buy a Woods house brew and we’ll fill your carboy with wort to take home, twist, tweak, and remix to your own
brewery’s unique style. We’ll knock out at 6:00pm—first come, first served! 

Tuesday Jan 26

18th Street Collaborations

Woods Cervecería: Noon–10:00pm

We brewed a series of beers with our 18th Street neighbors, highlighting foodie-favorite offerings from Bi-Rite, Delfina, and more!

Brats, Beers, and Bonham!

Woods Polk Station: 5:00–10:00pm

Our resident carnivore and Zeppelin fan Jimbo will crank up the Kashmir, debut our new year-round unfiltered lager—Woods Retro Pilsner—and pair it with his famous traditional, homemade beer sausage.

Cafe Van Kleef Greyhound Beer Release

Woods Bar & Brewery: 4:00–11:00pm

We brewed a sudsy spin on the infamous Greyhound cocktail served at our neighboring watering hole Cafe Van Kleef. Try them both and earn a limited-edition badge of honor!

Wednesday Jan 27

Jump the Scotch IPA Release

Woods Cervecería: 5:00–10:00pm
Woods Polk Station: 
Woods Bar & Brewery: 

What’s better than a fresh-brewed, sticky-strong, citrus-and-pine-packed double IPA? A fresh-brewed, sticky-strong, citrus-and-pine-packed double IPA—infused with peat smoke! Come taste Jump the Scotch, an extra-special peated version of our very own cult-hit brew, Jump the Shark. Beer hounds and whisky snobs, unite!

Thursday Jan 28

Mission Chefs Mash-Off

Woods Cervecería: 5:00–10:00pm

We challenged chefs Michael Mauschbaugh of Sous Beurre Kitchen and Aaron London of AL’s Place to trade kitchen clogs for brewers boots and bring their culinary chops to Woods in a limited edition series of foodie- inspired beers.

Cheese Plus Beer

Woods Polk Station: 5:00–11:00pm

We will guide you on a fermented flight of fancy through a selection of staff-favorite cheese-and-beer pairings.

Double the Funk: Wild Beers vs. Wild Wines

Woods Bar & Brewery: 4:00–11:00pm

Brettanomyces! That funky, fruity, wild yeast embraced by renegade brewers, feared by the straight-laced wine world. . . . Until now! Join our resident wine expert and taste some funky house-brewed beers paired with the latest cutting-edge crop of wild-fermented wines.

Friday Jan 29

Swensen’s Ice Cream Beer Floats

Woods Polk Station: 3:00–11:00pm

Try your favorite Woods beers in float form with delicious scoops of ice cream from our friendly neighbors at Swensen’s.

Oaktown Spice Collaboration

Woods Bar & Brewery: 4:00–6:00pm

Think beyond the humble hop: follow your nose and try a beer made with fragrant, exotic spices from Oaktown Spice Shop.

Battle of the Beer Bands

Woods Bar & Brewery: 8:00–11:30pm

Rock out with your favorite musically inclined local brewers as house bands from Woods, Fort Point, and others go head to head—and beer to beer—for a night of tipsy tunes.

Saturday Jan 30

7-Day Brew Debut

Woods Cervecería: Noon—5:00pm
Woods Bar & Brewery: Noon—11:30pm

Come enjoy our special Beer Week ale! Every year, we kick off beer week by gathering fans, brewers, and drinkers to collaborate on a special fast-fermenting brew—made on Saturday, Jan. 23 and tapped just one week later. You’ll never taste beer as fresh as this! 

Ladies’ Night: Women of Woods Beer Release

Woods Cervecería: 5:00–11:00pm

Meet Woods Beer’s talented female staff, shake what your momma gave ya to girl bands on the jukebox, and toast the X chromosome with our all-lady-brewed Rye-Alt Grrrl.

Morpho Festival

Woods Polk Station: Noon—1:00am

Our fan-favorite herbal brew deserves a night all its own. Celebrate the power, the glory, and the pinkness that is Morpho! We’ll feature Dry-Hopped Morpho, Brett Morpho, Morpho Noir, and the rarely spotted Vintage Morpho.

Sunday Jan 31


Public House @ 24 Willie Mays Plaza, SF: 11:30am–2:30pm

Start your day right with beer-and-food pairings of brunch munchies and morning-friendly beers — mimosa-like Morpho, buzzing coffee stouts, and more. “Beer in the morning!” you say, “Blasphemy!” Well, you too will believe, as our divine pairings defy convention and show that the beverage of the masses is truly a beverage without boundaries.
Tickets $59 / beerunch.com

Bob’s Donuts And Beer

Woods Polk Station: Noon–5:00pm

Donuts and beer? Nope—donuts *in* beer. That’s right: we’ve brewed another batch of our epic Belgian Quad, flavored to pair with Bob’s infamous apple fritters.

Beer Remix Party

Woods Bar & Brewery: Noon–5:00pm

Remix your favorite beers with French press infusers full of a brewer’s bouquet of some of our most popular hops. Amp up our MateVeza IPA with a burst of resinous Simcoes; pile on Morpho’s herbaceous goodness with an extra dose of flowers and spice. You be the brewer. No beer is safe! 

James Woods