SF Beer Week 2018: February 9-18

It’s Beer Week! We’re celebrating our favorite time of year with a packed calendar of special releases, parties, and events at all five Woods bars — plus, Beerunch, our famous foodie finale to the festivities, held every year at Public House.

Download the WOODS BEER GUIDE TO SF BEER WEEK 2018 as a PDF 


Sunday Feb 11

Public House @ 24 Willie Mays Plaza, SF: 11:30am–2:30pm

Start your day right with beer-and-food pairings of Beer in the morning? We’ll make you a believer with brunch munchies and morning-friendly beers -: mimosa-like Morpho, buzzing coffee stouts, and more. "Beer in the morning!" you say, "Blasphemy!" Well, you too will believe, as our, divine pairings that defy convention and show that the beverage of the masses is truly a beverage without boundaries and prove our favorite drink is as versatile as it is delicious.

Featured Menu:

Woods Sour Morpho + Oysters w Morpho Mignonette
Woods Divine Origins Merlot + Hash Brown Croquette with Tomatillo Barbecue Sauce
Woods Freeze Pop Pale + Breakfast Taco with Chicken Chorizo Scrambled Eggs and Jalapeño Salsa
Woods Nico Weizenbock + Banana French Toast with Coconut Caramel Sauce
Woods DivineOrigins Fiano + Fried Artichoke Frito Mixto with Shaved Fennel
Moonlight Toast + Crispy Pork Rillette with Gribiche
Cellarmaker Bourbon Barrel-Aged Vastness of Space: Vanilla Latte + Bacon Macaron

Tickets $59 / beerunch.com

Friday Feb 9

Swans Oyster Depot Collaboration

Woods Cervecería: 5pm–11:00pm
Woods Polk Station: 5pm–11:00pm
Woods Bar & Brewery: 5pm–11:00pm

Woods Outbound: 5pm–11:00pm

As if the mighty mollusk couldn’t be made more delicious, we’ve turned spent shells from our neighbors at Swan’s into a bonafide bivalve brewed oyster stout

Saturday Feb 10

Smoothie Brews & Fruity Sours: Tropical Tap Takeover

Woods Cervecería: Noon–11:00pm
Woods Polk Station: Noon–11:00pm
Woods Bar & Brewery: Noon–11:00pm
Woods Island Club: Noon
Woods Outbound: Noon–11:00pm

A tart, tingly taste of the tropics: three different house-made, barrel-aged sours, each one its own fruit basket of flavor. Try them all and earn a special island-hopper badge of honor!

Sunday Feb 11

Shaman Series: Elemental Magic

Woods Cervecería: Noon–10:00pm
Woods Bar & Brewery: Noon—10:00pm
Woods Outbound: Noon—10:00pm

The shaman returns! For the fourth year in a row, our resident apothecaries brew a series of medicinal, healing beers, using locally foraged herbs and ancient, sacred recipes.

Monday Feb 12

Medieval Beverages: Meads & Gruits

Woods Cervecería: 5:00–10:00pm

Tap the murky well of history, taste the mystic honey wines and herbal beers of our ancient ancestors.

Homebrewer Appreciation Day

Woods Bar & Brewery: 4:00–11:00pm

Calling all homebrewers! Take our beer and make it yours. Buy a Woods house brew and we’ll fill your carboy with wort to take home, twist, tweak, and remix to your own brewery’s unique style. We’ll start filling at 6:00pm—first come, first served! 

IPA Tap Takeover

Woods Polk Station: 5:00—10:00pm

Holy hops, lupulin lovers — raise a resinous glass and toast the noble cone with a tap list packed full of the brashest and bitterest IPAs we could find.

Tuesday Feb 13

Bi-Rite Creamery Salted Caramel Ale Release

Woods Cervecería: 4:00–10:00pm

Have your dessert — and drink it too! Try a glass of our delicious tribute to Bi-Rite's fan-favorite Salted Caramel ice cream, and concoct your own brew floats with other yummy flavors of ice cream and beer!

Cafe Van Kleef Greyhound Beer Release

Woods Bar & Brewery: 4:00–11:00pm

We brewed a sudsy spin on the infamous greyhound cocktail served at our neighboring watering hole Cafe Van Kleef. Try them both and earn a limited-edition badge of honor!

Sour Morpho Debut

Woods Polk Station: 4:00–11:00pm

The big blue butterfly you know and love gets a special sour spin each year, with a dash of
wild yeast. Try our Sour Morpho side by side with the original, and pick your preferred pink poison!

Wednesday Feb 14

Double the Funk: Wild Beers vs. Wild Wines

Woods Cervecería: 5:00–10:00pm
Woods Polk Station: 
Woods Bar & Brewery: 5
Woods Outbound: 5:00–10:00pm

Brettanomyces! That funky, fruity, wild yeast embraced by renegade brewers, feared by the straight-laced wine world. ...Until now! Come taste our mixed fermentation beers paired with the latest cutting-edge crop of wild-fermented wines — a funked-up world of flavor!

Thursday Feb 15

Islay IPA Release

Woods Cervecería: 5:00–10:00pm
Woods Polk Station: 
Woods Bar & Brewery: 5
Woods Outbound: 5:00–10:00pm

What’s better than a fresh-brewed, sticky strong, citrus-and-pine-packed double IPA? A fresh-brewed, sticky strong, citrus-and-pine-packed double IPA — infused with peat from Laphroaig barrel aging

Friday Feb 16

Swensen’s Ice Cream Beer Floats

Woods Polk Station: 3:00–11:00pm

Try your favorite Woods beers in float form with delicious scoops of ice cream from our friendly neighbors at Swensen’s.

Trouble Coffee Collaboration Release

Woods Outbound: 5:00–10:00pm

Beer and coffee go together like coconuts and toast. We honor our fellow fog-bound friends at Trouble with a java-infused stout and refreshing coconut pale.

Saturday Feb 17

Divine Origins Release

Woods Cervecería: Noon–11:00pm
Woods Polk Station: Noon–11:00pm
Woods Bar & Brewery: Noon–11:00pm
Woods Island Club: Noon
Woods Outbound: Noon–11:00pm

Divine Origins is our genre-bending odyssey into the unexplored worlds of natural wine, spontaneous fermentation, and barrel aging. After long collaborative work with local vintners and months hidden away in our Treasure Island barrel room, these special wine-beer hybrids blink into the daylight.

Sunday Feb 18

Kombucha Detox & Yoga

Woods Island Club: 11:30–12:30pm

Need even more of a refresh after a busy, beery week? Squeeze out those toxins in an all-levels yoga class with Atma Yoga, then rehydrate with a fizzy, friendly glass of chakra-aligning kombucha.

Kombucha Detox

Woods Cervecería: Noon–10:00pm
Woods Polk Station: Noon–10:00pm
Woods Bar & Brewery: Noon–10:00pm

Woods Outbound: Noon–10:00pm

Repent, indulgent imbibers! Exorcise your Beer Week demons with a day of purifying probiotics and our house made kombucha.

Bob’s Donuts And Beer

Woods Polk Station: Noon–5:00pm

Donuts and beer? Nope—donuts *in* beer. That’s right: we’ve brewed another batch of our epic Belgian Quad, flavored to pair with Bob’s infamous apple fritters.

Wine Night Wind-Down

Woods Outbound: 4:00–10:00pm

At Beer Week’s boozy finish, we might be slightly sick of foamy pints — trade those hops and malt for a palate-refreshing glass (or full flight!) of our favorite wines from near and far.

James Woods